Several Nobel Prize laureates and the prominent figures of the technological development have been associated with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and its predecessors

Jenő Wigner (physics),
Dénes Gábor (physics),
György Oláh (chemistry)

Besides the academic and professional life at the university, students have numerous opportunities to relax. There are different special colleges and self-motivated circles at every faculty, where students can not only deepen their knowledge in specific issues but have fun and gain friends. BME Festival is held annually, which ensure four day long relaxation and entertainment for the citizens of the university, thus bringing the students closer to each other.

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (the buildings are part of the World Heritage)are located on the right side of the River Danube between the Liberty Bridge and the Lágymányosi Bridge at more than 200.000 m2. In 1782 Austrian Emperor Joseph II established the predecessor of BME, the Institutum Geometricum. During the past 230 years, the university's name and organizational structure has changed a lot. BME is one of the largest higher-education institutions in Hungary. More than 23.000 students study at eight faculties

Besides the internationally recognized classical engineering departments, there are new, interdisciplinary qualifications like the Environmental Engineer, Engineering and Management and the Energetic Engineer.

architecture; construction and engineering; energy efficiency; electrical energy balance; comfort conditions; house functioning; communication and social awareness; industrialization & market viability; innovation; sustainability

First from our region, students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) submitted a successful tender. Currently our team has 30 student members, not only from the Faculty of Architecture but from other different faculties as well.

The mentor of our team is Gábor Becker, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. Our goal is to create an innovative solar building in which we apply our architectural and technical developments.

The Solar Decathlon Competition is an international innovation competition between the best universities all around the world, organized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Spanish Government since 2002.The goal of the contest is to popularize the usage of solar energy in architectural solutions and to call into being the social and market support of green technologies.

In the competition every team's task is to design and build a solely solar-powered, energy- efficient, cost-effective, light structured house with the collaboration of the market; and represent it in Madrid in 2012. The participating teams' performance will be juried on the basis of comprehensive criteria system; the teams undergo a so-called decathlon that covers all the important criteria in order to fulfil the competition project, which task is to popularize the modern and sustainable architecture.