We believe that we can not live a sustainable life without changing habits or lifestyle.
Our main goal is to design a small house with an intensively used outdoor living area. The Odoo is a design concept to create a new type of living space which combines the benefits of traditional Hungarian lifestyle and modern, contemporary comfort conditions. In Odoo the pursuit of activities is provided also on the terrace by the functional units suited in the summer wall - such as kitchen, relaxing area. Thus, the time spent in indoor and outdoor may be equal, also, the interior conditioned space is minimal so we save energy and building materials.
It’s a house in which you develop an intense contact with the which is not only healthy but the basis of the sustainable lifestyle.

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We designed the geometry of the house to optimize active and passive solar power utilization. With the addition of the summer wall we double the preferable southern façade surface. This way we apply solar cells in a vertical surface. At the same time we provide a fully glazed façade achieving passive heat gain which is used for heating during winter. Solar cells cover also the roof. The installed system produces 3 times more energy than requisite!
The solar cells’ aesthetical integration into the roof and walls characterizes the appearance of the house. On the other hand the substitute of the traditional covering is an economical solution.

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The core of the building service system in the Odoo is the air-to-water heat pump closely connected to the semi-passive cooling-heating system, the ventilation system and to the photovoltaic system.
The air handling unit provides the desired indoor air quality whilst the doors are closed, so we protect the interior from the extreme weather conditions. The proper interior thermal comfort is reached by the surface heating-cooling through the floor and the ceiling, which is a highly energy efficient way.
To reduce water consumption we collect rainwater from the roof, which is used for example washing, toilet flushing and irrigation.
The Odoo’s automation system controls the building service units, so shading, interior settings of the house, observation, multimedia match the status of the weather and the inhabitants. In the system the participant devices create a decentralized, distributed intelligence. The multi-platform system can be controlled via many devices: any interface using internet, even away from home.
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To design to most energy efficient home heat loss should be minimized. For reaching this we need proper thermal envelope, thermal mass and shading system.
Our house has excellent, continuously 24 cm thick eco-friendly cellulose insulation, modern triple glazed sliding doors and ventilated multi-layer façade coating.
Because of its lightweight construction, the thermal mass is mainly provided by water (stored in external tanks) and the concrete interior flooring which play part in the unique, semi-passive cooling-heating system developed to the house.
In winter, heat from the glazed surface of the south is utilized for heating the house. On summer evenings, sprinkling water on the roof cools it down and operates during the day with the cooling capacity. On sunny days to avoid overheating a horizontal and vertical shading system was designed.
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If you have a professional question: constructiondesign@odooproject.com

To speed up and facilitate assembly and fulfill the transportation requirements we decided that the Odoo should be highly prefabricated and divided into four, individual rigid boxes which is necessary for the lifting process. The modules are transported to Madrid by oversized trucks and assembled by craning.
The construction determined the structure. The structure is composed of solid wooden panels following the special geometry of the Odoo. The modules are complemented with steel structures and placed on mobile footing.
The wood is eco-friendly, renewable raw materials with favorable physical properties offering a healthy environment.